The Ohio Network for Nursing Workforce (ONNW) is the entity in the State of Ohio eligible for membership in the National Forum for State Nursing Workforce Centers. This is the official web site for the ONNW, and is maintained by the Ohio Board of Nursing. The ONNW communicates quarterly via email, conference calls or face-to-face meetings. Access to the workforce information on this web site is available to anyone interested.

The ONNW is a statewide communication network established to:

-   Identify issues related to nursing workforce.
-   Share nursing supply and demand data by providing links to state and regional resources.
-   Examine ways to gather nursing supply and demand data.
-   Disseminate best practices for dealing with nursing workforce issues.
-   Facilitate discussion of policies regarding the nursing workforce.
-   Provide for the participation in the online National Forum for State Nursing Workforce Centers.

Material Submission Guidelines:

Instructions for requesting that your material be posted to this site can be found on the 'Contact Information' page. The Ohio Board of Nursing and Workforce Center representatives reserve the right to reject any request determined to be unrelated to this site's purpose or mission. The material and web site links maintained on this site are for informational purposes only, and do not constitute an endorsement or sponsorship of the originating individual or organization. Information and material (including publications) made available on this site should be considered transient and may not be maintained indefinitely.

Founding Members of the Ohio Network for Nursing Workforce (ONNW):

-   Cincinnati Health Council Health Care Workforce, The Greater Cincinnati Health Council;
-   Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Ohio (LPNAO);
-   Northeast Ohio Nursing Initiative (NEONI), The Center for Health Affairs, Cleveland;
-   Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio, Dayton; Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN);
-   Ohio Hospital Association (OHA); Ohio League for Nursing (OLN);
-   Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) and the Ohio Organization of Nurse Executives (OONE).

Additional members who became active in ONNW in 2009 as ONNW began work with the Center to Champion Nursing in America:

- Ohio AARP;
- Ohio Board of Regents;
- Ohio Council of Associate Degree Nursing Education Administrators (OCADNEA);
- Ohio Council of Deans and Directors of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs in Nursing (OCDD);
- Ohio Department of Aging.

Others who might be interested include:

-  Other organizations and stakeholders interested in the nursing workforce;
-  Professional nursing organizations;
-  State Organizations who are employers of nurses;
-  and individuals interested in the nursing workforce.

Persons or organizations wishing to participate in this network should email Jfmahowald@aol.com to be added to the communication list serve.

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Greater Cincinnati Health Council Health Care Workforce Center - www.gchc.org

Northeast Ohio Nursing Initiative (NEONI) - www.neoni.org